Nov 30, 2017

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Are we really that dumb?

Lately, at least from the news what I can infer, the so-called leaders of the “free-world” are really all about stupidity, racism, bigotry and whatnot. When such values emanate from people and institutions that are supposed to uphold the values of free speech, human rights then it takes an entire new persona.

And I am not applying this to one single country or leader. In general, you will find what we can call “supporters” for essentially any kind of ideology. Granted that people are — as far as their personal beliefs go — free to believe whatever kind of kuku thing they want to believe. I am interested in finding out what “tips” the balance in the favor of good vs evil. And no, this isn’t some impossible comparison to make. It’s actually one of the simplest ones available to us humans. Smiling and comfort is good; tears and insecurity is bad. If you really have fun making children cry and hurting others’ sentiments or lives, you are an evil person. It’s that simple and I refuse to hear your arguments if you even try to defend such acts.

There have been, are and will always be people who will be the kind of leaders that sow doubts in diaspora. They maim human values and degrade all that is considered “worth living for” for as long as you live. Towards that end, I also agree — without demeaning anyone — that most humans are herds. In that if you know politics well, then in these times you can play with people’s sentiments more easily and in return, you can get away with a lot. In our daily life, we use emotions as well as rational thinking to make our decisions. If modern psychological insights has proven anything then its that sentiments may play a bigger role in shaping human decisions. Which in turn translates to our choices. While that is okay for an everyday life (and as a side-note, terrific way to live) it leaves the door open for exploitation. And in the absence or numbness of critical thinking, this sets a bad precedent.

Enough of talking about how the world is getting more divided with time. If you can’t decipher — using your own senses, available knowledge and reality — what is happening; and are swayed easily in terms of supporting some bigoted philosophy, then you are an idiot.

Just because someone has “support” of people (however small or big) doesn’t make it “right.” What is the direction towards which this trajectory tilts?

In order to visualize what I am trying to say, think about the flat-earthers’ movement.

Sure. You design a “new and radical” map which depicts that on this flat-earth, all continents are on a flat surface, surrounded by Antarctica. And in your imagination there are more pieces of lands which are “beyond Antarctica”. Okay, I can take that too. But only under one condition — you ADMIT that this is how you IMAGINE the world to be. This admission is important because: Imagination ≠ Reality. Even at the very best, a miniature artist cannot translate all of what he has imagined to be and what it translates to in his painting.

At least not on the periphery and certainly NOT when what you imagine is not the way reality is or the way the world works. I agree, we all need imagination for dreams, strength and hope. One thing we sort-of take for granted is that whatever imagination we try to put out, it should conform to the reality — especially IF it concerns the “real world.” You can believe in fairies, Unicorn or StrawberryShortcake — all are valid imaginations so long as they exists within their contexts.

Once it begins to tinker with the rest of the world, however, this becomes an issue.

One war-crime accused “leader” successfully committed suicide yesterday in Hague. And in the reports, I saw people who really believe that these leaders did not give such mass-killing orders. I agree that all are innocents until proven guilty. That is not what’s at the core of this issue, however.

How much burden of proof does one need before they are pronounced guilty and wrong?
How many must be killed before those giving orders are charged with genocide?
And, towards that end, must we conform to all this political, cultural and human mayhem?

Yes, I hear a lot that divides are being drawn and other such sentiments.
Aren’t we the one’s drawing them? By the choices we are making.

Perhaps it’s time we all choose differently.

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