Time, A Manic Scattering Dust

4 min readFeb 13, 2018


Credits: “Time Spiral” by Mary Raven

Lets begin with Pluto’s heart. In the end, there is a wonderful picture from NASA for you to witness it. And this post is about how we as humans journeyed from this scattered time (which for the purposes of this post, is the 4th dimension).

How must the life was like ten years ago?

Obama had been elected president. My personal life was in disarray. Despite how I define it, it was a life. My friends graduated and have finished their PhDs. Lived and experienced from my perspectives, it is as much real to me as yours — 10 years ago — is real to you. I do not know what abated you. I do not know the situations you were going through. How could I ever hope to know? These are complex reactions deep inside the heart.

This time, these are the blood vessels, pumping the blood which goes through the brain. And as we know our brain is the one structure within the human body that consumes more power than any other. Power here is the oxygen. When the blood passes through those neurons and veins, highlighting and in fact — i would argue — bursting reactions, they need energy. From burning flames, we can gather that true combustion are when all energy is balanced on both sides. True Blue is when it achieves 100% combustion. And all from our brains (what with the neurons and all) are only built to design and utilize 20 percent of oxygen.

Credits: Tina Krüger

What are those reactions?

Let me try to put it together the way in which neuroscience has definitely a potential to… to help with insight into the complexity of how we “see”… This relates directly to our conscious experience as a form of life. They really did experiment on brain reactions and what they found is that instead of controlling each neuron, if they let birth complexity by itself, then over time, this developed reactions which could be recognized by eyes as patterns. Let us say that millions of years ago life found that one ray it could make do with. It found the freaking pattern then and there. And over those millions, billions of year, it perfected that system to couragierte the missing spectrum.

Now we have colors. For us, this simply means that so long as there are those reactions happening, we are alive. Our thought of our life is balanced. You see just as much or more than I do at this point (thankfully). The color blue, however, is still one that Earth is trying to perfect. To show the color blue is much easy. To know how “blue” becomes is the ultimate perfection of time and space. It is one of The Most Complex visible-spectrum-color-related events to happen. At the photons.

Credit: Kinetic Energy Sculptures, Artist: Paul Friedlander

And this post is also about The Journey of Pluto’s heart’s discovery. Not in physical researches but, rather, a study in time.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. Or that it did not have its own surface moments. Just because we cannot see it does not make it “not happen.” Who knows for certain what is Pluto's moments and why is it not orbiting around the sun yet (or if). But this is space. As a dimension. And perhaps in the years to follow, we might know better. I surely hope to see what happens.

We came finally to take a wonderful picture of it. And its magnificent. Now, when viewed properly, we realized that it too has a heart. Its surface moves too… And look what that created:


This is where time is dimension and so is space, although I haven’t yet the faintest idea how to imagine that. All is moving and happening around a balanced dance. I have been fascinated by Pluto (as a celestial body) not because it was/is/nolonger part of the Solar System. Or as my 4th grade teacher would fondly say, its the 9th planet. But because Now that some of this space and time stuff makes sense, I am happy to note that similar advancements and discoveries have been (and are being) conducted basically everywhere!

Complexity leads to emergence, which leads to advancement. And there is a reason I think that the first shapes to ride out of some distant rock are hearts. We are, people. Not rocks and random surfaces. And that matters.

I accept you for what you are, for what you say and do. This is our middle ground. Just as much yours, as mine. This is also interdependence. You will all your dreams, wishes, life. And your passions and subtlety you may share at your discourse.

Because love is a universal language. Believe me, I know. How? I balanced my heartbeat with an 8-Month cute old lovely baby. When all else fails at communication, heart beats still matter. Because then, we become peaceful :)




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