Understanding Time

3 min readApr 19, 2018
Credits: Time by Aleksandra Jovovich

When in old India, parents would get their kids married, they would give — willingly and for the future life of their children — gifts, money and household items. The idea embedded was to provide the essentials for starting a new life together, as their offspring is about to do. This is actually a good idea.

But like all good ideas without proper oversight or a good sense of direction, this one led to the present situation in India where countless lives are devastated because of dowry.

Just like freedom carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction, so too all good ideas are also prone to become nightmares over time. And TIME is the essential guiding element of this post. Its essential principle is that everything makes sense over a given period of time. I do not believe in gut-feelings. I believe in possibilities because when there is always a third-way for us to find a solution, it will not be arrived at if we simply let gut-feelings direct our decisions.

The most recent application of time I applied and understood was on my own blind father. You see, we all say that time is relative. But what is relativity? How do we know what is time? Is it the seconds clicking on the clock? Or the years passing us by? Being blind, my father has not seen a clock in over 20 years and his sense of time comes from the difference in his mind’s ideas. So shortly after saying something (work-wise which he needs done), he will ask immediately afterwards if its done. That is because his ideas of how much “time” it should take has been hurt over the last two decades.

Sadly, this is also how how I understood time. Minds birth millions of ideas and they makeup our perceptions. Eyes are only one sense to record it. Others are needed too such as ears, touch etc. without which our relativity is blocked or not in-sync with what happens around us. And yes, I had to sit with him to explain what is time to him…

This is also why it feels longer to spend hours with the girl you love like few minutes and few minutes on fire feels hours. This is also relativity.

When nature births events, it doesn’t have a sense of time. Its not counting how long as it been since XYZ happened, the product of all of which is all around us. Let me, therefore, reiterate that time makes sense in chunks. Just…


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